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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the newsroom overnight. that's mexico's volcano erupting and sending ash, water vapor and gas nearly three miles right into the air. people in the nearby city are told to take preventive measures because this active volcano may not be done just yet. >> brian: we're tracking the wildfires in tennessee that are being blamed for killing three people and destroying hundreds of homes and resort areas have been destroyed. the great smoky mountains never look the same, at least not for decades and decades. firefighters are hoping rain that's in the forecast today helps to control some of the flames. >> tia: we thought this was all over, but the battle over buses on public square continues. it's back on. we get answers this morning about a meeting that will take place today. >> brian: cleveland 19's sia nyorkor will join us live in public scare in a moment as this story continues to develop, obviously. it's wednesday.
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>> brian: november 30th. >> tia: meteorologist sam roberts will show you probably the radar is what she'll show you, right, sam? >> samantha: you are correct. it's raining out there. good morning to you. 6:01 now. we're at 61 degrees in cleveland. yes, you are not in a sleepy fog. i did say 61 degrees out there. isn't that crazy? most of us, though, are in the still, not bad this time of year. here's where the rain is. southern summit county, wayne county and then down to the south. also out to the east trumbull and southern ashtabula counties now seeing a little bit of light rain. most of this is not heavy and it's not going to be very difficult to drive through. of course, it is rain on the morning commute, so it might slow you down a little bit. this trend spreading farther north is probably going to continue through the morning.
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right now doesn't mean you don't need the umbrella later today. it's 6:02 now. here's what we're looking at for the next several hours. i have the school day forecast right now. bus stop, take the umbrella. just because it's not raining now doesn't mean you won't run into rain later. lunchtime, still a few scattered showers around, and for the ride home we could contend with some scattered shower activity. we'll stay in the upper 50s to around 60 for mos t tomorrow, though. i mean, a lot colder. we'll talk about it coming up at 6:15. laura. >> laura: first we are taking a look at your roads, so you are headed out the door this morning. you should be right on time as long as you get out the door on time. you look good out there. no major accidents and no major broken-downs. highways are running really, really well. same normal construction spots we've been dealing with.
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side. this is quincy avenue on the'64th. the drive times are perfect. strongsville to cleveland 19 minutes and 17 minutes from north olmstead. mentor to cleveland is 28 minutes right now. up 77 from akron towards downtown 37. we have construction on the innerbelt bridge again today. that's coming up at 6:19. guys. >> tia: everyone thought it was a done deal. no buses through public square. two weeks ago. >> brian: the issue is iet back on the table. a meeting set at city hall to talk it through one more time. sia nyorkor is at the public square this morning getting answers on this morning's meeting. what's going on, sia? >> sia: good morning. let me tell you, this is a talker. everyone wants to know, should we keep this area closed, or should we open it and let buses and drivers come through? right now we mention it's
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jackson decided to keep it closed to buses, a lot of people had questions, including several city councilmembers who felt like the decision was made without any public input. several rta buses have been rerouted to go around the newly designed square. you can see some of those buses there. some rta riders feel it's a hassle and that it causes them delays, and then other people feel like, let's keep it closed so that we can stay here and enjoy the square. so today there will be a meeting with city council's transportation committee at 9:00 a.m. then on saturday they will have a rally here on public square at 3:00 p.m. to discuss the issue. you can count on us to bring you all those updates on air and online. for now i get answers on public square, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: thank you. the teachers in the lewisville
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classroom this morning. it's the first time they're back in the classroom since going on strike november 2nd. the teachers association still does not have a deal, but it voted to return to school most likely the union is hoping that the show of good faith will spark some negotiations. the school board hasn't budged on its plan to eventually lay off faculty members. president-elect donald trump expected to announce new cabinet picks today. henn his first stop is right here in ohio. he'll be in cincinnati tomorrow. >> tia: today ohio congressman tim ryan will get a chance at becoming the minority house leader. his democratic colleagues vote today to keep current house minority rep nancy pelosi from california or to elect ryan. tim ryan is 43 years old and has been an ohio representative since 2003. first the 17th district, and now
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youngstown/akron area. >> brian: this morning we have more answers about the violent attack on ohio state's campus on monday. >> tia: three of the nine victims are still in the hospital but are expected to be released sometime in the next few days. we could get a report from the fbi on this investigation and what they think led to the attack in the first place. buckeye nation continues to rise above this tragedy. last night students, faculty and alumni gathered for a vigil for the victims while also honoring first cleveland 19's shelby miller was there and is getting answers for us this morning. >> reporter: ohio state's marching band played carmen ohio as the community came together singing, holding signs and showing their support. during the event prominent university members spoke including university president michael drake and student body leaders. no one mentioned the suspect by name or spoke in detail about this week's attack on campus. instead they focused on healing
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as a buckeye nation. president drake thanked police for the fast response and sent well wishes to those still recovering after monday's attack. students we spoke with said they'll always be buckeye strong. >> it means a lot. knowing that everyone is always there on the lookout for people. if someone needs something like we know they can help. >> we have this shock, and it's something that we always fear but never think will actually happen. i think it helps to know there are people around you feeling the same way and that the s move forward. >> reporter: as people walked in the buildings they were handed red and white carnations. the student life senior vice president said if anyone wants to talk about what happened, there are counselors on campus. >> brian: excellent, shelby. thank you. you can get live updates from columbus on our free cleveland 19 mobile app. as soon as news breaks, we send it right to your smartphone.
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continuing coverage on the attack at osu. >> tia: cleveland police put together a list of guidelines to build a crisis intervention team. it's made up of officers trained to help people who may be mentally ill. william denehan says the officers will respond to things like suicide interventions, crisis de-escalation and affects of drug and also alcohol abuse. >> the dispatchers will first know where they're a city, and they're know that ahead of time. and they'll know who to call, who has the experience. >> tia: well, the new guidelines still need to be approved by a federal judge. >> brian: life in prison with no parole. that is what a judge decided for the woman who pled guilty to raping two children at the day care she worked at in elyria. heather koon took veried yos and pictures of their crimes and sent them to her fiance,
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osborn. he's serving a life sentence now with no parole. there's dozens of protesters as they took place across the country including right here in cleveland. these protesters demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage. we were there when workers walked off the job at mcdonald's on 30th and carnegie to show their support. >> tia: three people died when a line of storms a tornadoes moved across northern alabama overnight. the victims lived in a mobile home park. in mississippi the winds were so strong a semi truck tipped right over. they're cleaning up in louisiana and the southern part of tennessee as well this morning. taking a peek outside our window this morning, we're not expecting to see weather like that today. there is some rain on the way. right, sam? >> samantha: yeah. you can see already in the southern end of our views area stark and tuscarawas counties.
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some of the movement is towards the north around coshocton and holmes counties. i think that general trend will still be towards the north and east. some of this could slip a little bit farther to the west. i'll be watching it closely through the morning, and i'm going to take you through the forecast coming up after the break. >> brian: also, we get answers this morning on how you can keep your family safe from what the experts call the silent k that could be lurking in your home. >> tia: as the wildfires continue to burn in tennessee, we get answers about what firefighters are doing today to
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>> nichole: time is 6:13. the fire chief in gatlinburg, tennessee thinks the worst is oaf but hotspots are still burning this morning, and we hear more witness accounts from residents forced to leave their homes. >> yeah, it was like a picture of h-e-l-l. there were flames on the sides of us walking out. >> nichole: this man is staying in a red cross shelter overnight. 14,000 people have evacuated.
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search and rescue missions to check on residents are going on right now and three people have died and a dozen have been injured. i have toe show you this video. it looks like something out of a movie. this is jet pack aviation demonstrating a new product in long beach, california this morning. it's the world's only true jet pack. you can stay in the air for up to ten minutes and go as high as 6500 feet. the company executives say they have a contract with the u.s. navy and are trying to raise a million dollars to improve safety features. i have a 4-year-old super hero at home that would think that's the coolest thing. >> brian: you have a 50-year-old over here that thinks it's the coolest thing. >> tia: you can keep that. that looks scary. that's why the navy is doing it. the high today in terms of the temperature could hit 61 degrees, and that means your furnace is definitely getting a
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>> brian: today might be the day to make a life-saving decision. denise zarrella gets answers for us this morning. d. >> denise: about 200 people die every year needlessly in the u.s. from carbon monoxide poisoning. just last week we told you about several workers in elyria who got out of the building that they work in just in the nick of time. the fire captain on the scene there told us a simple carbon monoxide detector could save your life. firefighters detected high le lorain county automotive systems after several employees reported they suddenly felt sick. luckily everyone was okay because employees did the right thing when they felt the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. there are three basic symptoms you should be familiar with in case you have high levels in your home. they are a headache, dizziness, and nausea. this is the time of the year when emergency crews say they get called out because of co
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>> we would see probably like the start-up of the really cold weather when the systems really start working really hard, and maybe they had a problem last year that didn't get corrected and made it through the winter and now coming into this winter the problem is still there. >> denise: coming up, that fire captain give us very good advice on what kind of carbon monoxide detector to buy. we're asking questions and getting answers, zarrella, cleveland 19. >> samantha: good morning to you. it's 6:16 on this wednesday. we are halfway there. i see you guys looking at your phone. you must have gotten my weather push alert. yes. we are so excited about this because we have this really cool technology, and this is totally off the cuff. i wasn't going to talk about this. we can actually go into the
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weather alerts about local conditions directly to certain areas. so only the areas impacted will get those alerts, and everybody else can just sleep in. so this is the only area in the entire market, we're the only people that can do this right now. so really excited that we can give you those early morning weather updates. 6:17, and here's what we have going on weather-wise today. it's another above-average day in terms of our temperatures. you know, yesterday we hit i think we'll do it again today. i went 61 at 3:00, but most of the day we'll spend in the 50s. and that's not bad for this time of the year. our average high today is only in the mid-40s. we do have cloudy skies out there and not a beautiful morning at all, although i guess if you're dry, you know, you like that, right? we drive around cleveland or out in erie and huron counties and no rain right now.
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trumbull county now rain is spreading a little farther north. colu columbiana, mahoning and stark counties still seeing light showers. no snow or anything like that. of course, it's much too warm but you have to deal with a few showers on the morning commute. 6:18 through futureview and through the rest of the day. you see some of that moisture spreading north. here's the simulated satellite and radar at 9:00 in the morning. we will deal with scattered showers at that time. activity possible through the afternoon. after-school practices could feature a little rain. i don't know it will be raining everywhere all at once or anything like that. it's not going to be a washout, but be prepared to dodge the scattered showers today. i would say through about 7:00 p.m. tonight to 9:00 p.m. we could see some rain, but after that we should be drying out nicely, and then the cold air arr arrives. look at that. 39 overnight, still not bad for this time of the year.
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deal with this morning. december 1 is tomorrow. 43. oh, just in time for december. it's cold out there with a little chance of rain. we pick back up with our weather alerts for friday. a mix of rain and snow is possible. cold and windy, and we stay cold through this first weekend of december. we could even see a little snow in the snowbelt on saturday, but then, laura, we'll get rain on sunday. over to you. >> laura: aha some cold, too. all right. out there on the roads this morning we are moving really well. no big problems this morning. everyone is making their way towards work. 6:19 and we're still early far from rush hour. always good to have the good stuff in the morning, right? we have construction later today starting at 9:00 on the innerbelt bridge. the eastbound lanes on the innerbelt bridge block the far right lane. again, they did this monday and they did it tuesday and doing it again today. that goes 9:00 this morning
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evening time. drive times look good. mentor to cleveland 28 minutes, 57 inbound from canton. elyria to cleveland looks like 27 right now along i-90 and 19 minutes from strongsville perfectly on time there. the drive from akron is coming up at 6:33. guys. >> tia: the call to recount votes cast in the presidential election continues this morning, and what happened in lorain county may help strengthen the argument. >> brian: next, the u.s. to them about your car. we get answers on what they want you to dmran about. ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ?
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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>> brian: welcome back. the ntsb is that would require automakers to put labels on the sun visors of all new vehicles. why? it would provide instructions on how to file safety complaints. the complaints could bring an investigation or a possible recall. the nhtsa will take comments on the proposal until january 27th. >> tia: new this morning, the lorain board of elections ruled hillary clinton the official winner of the county. initially trump edged out clinton, but the final numbers
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president-elect lost by 131 votes in lorain county. that's a tenth of a percentage point. trump still won ohio's popular vote by more than 400,000 votes. a local company is making a special t-shirt this holiday season. if you buy it, you can also help kids at cleveland clinic children's hospital. >> brian: it's cool. the second year they did this fund-raiser. nichole vrsansky is with us. this year they enlisted a very special artist to help. it looks like you came up with something for your >> nichole: this is a one of a kind liliana original she painted it for me. she's 8 and almost 9. her birthday is tomorrow. she's a patient at cleveland clinic children's and had a heart transplant last year and her drawing was selected to be on this year's t-shirt. >> i draw a sun and a rainbow and flowers. >> nichole: a sun, rainbow,
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draw and paint. one year ago she drew this very perfect in recovery after getting a new heart. lilly was born with hypoplasic left heart syndrome. >> the left side of her heart didn't work. her first surgery was at ten days old. >> she's had four open heart surgeries and six heart catheterization not to mention the transplant surgery. >> i am brave. >> nichole: so her drawing is featured on a where i'm from apparel t-shirt, one of two designs for cleveland clinic children's. all proceeds go to the hospital. >> to look into cures for any kind of different illness that pediatric patients might be faced with. >> nichole: the shirts are $26 and the sweatshirt is 46$46. you can find them at beachwood mall and also on the company's
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clinic's shop on main campus. >> it's really a win-win. not only do you donate and help an incredible cause, but you get an awesome neat shirt to keep for yourself or gift to a loved one. >> she wanted to help other kids, so this is good. we're very proud of her, yeah. >> nichole: if you're looking for a gift for someone special this holiday, princess lilly has the perfect suggestion. >> my t-shirt. >> nichole: her t-shirt. the goal the money goes towards research at cleveland clinic children's. if you want to buy one, we posted all the information at >> brian: 6:26. if you have a young hooper in the house, they have to see what the cavs' j.r. smith did last night they should never do during a game. sam. >> samantha: j.r., it happens. we'll let it go this time. we got a little rain out there this morning. this is mainly south of akron. take your umbrella.
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>> tia: all right. next, the battle to let buses drive through public square is not over just yet. in fact, it resumes this
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>> brian: the battle over buses on public square evidently back and engaged. we get answers this morning about a meeting that will take place today and a rally planned for this weekend. >> brian: also taking place today for the first time since going on strike november 2nd,
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in the lewisville school district this morning. a new deal is not in place just yet, but teachers hope that getting back to work today may spark new contract talks. >> brian: here comes the rain again. one look at the radar will tell you to grab the umbrella as you head out the door today. >> tia: good morning. thank you for staying with us. it's wednesday, november 30th. >> brian: hump day. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. >> brian: thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. we're excited about that. meteorologist samantha roberts in the first alert weather center with a look at rain poking around in the edges of the viewing area. hey, sam. >> samantha: it's piddles around down to the south. we have these showers in stark and columbiana, mahoning counties, and also down into tuscarawas county. we see some pretty steady rain around dover and new philly. off to the west and along the lakeshore, really not much happening in the areas. pretty quiet in cleveland. we don't have any rain. we just have a lot of clouds out there.
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into southern carroll county and over in southern tuscarawas right now. this little corridor of i-77 north and southbound may be wet the next couple of hours. the general movement of rain is off to the east and northeast, so most of it is moving away. we still have a chance of scattered shower activity in for today. not a constant rain or anything like that. you may have to dodge a few occasional showers. it's a tricky forecast for today. last day of november, b we will be in the 50s for most of the day, and then tomorrow we start to feel like winter, which is appropriate because tomorrow is actually the first day of meteorological winter or the months of december, january, and february. so how will those first few days of december shape up? we'll talk about it coming up at 6:45. laura. >> laura: right now so many people trying to focus on getting out the door at 6:31. maybe you try to get out the
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if you do, you have an easy ride again today. i have no trouble spots to warn you about this morning. we had earlier construction in the akron area moving over route 21. it looks like that wrapped up. the cleveland metro is looking perfect, and no problems there. let's look at akron. akron is the same story. we have a little slowing out 76 as you head westbound towards the norton area from akron. if you leave canton and head towards akron, you're right on time. remember the central interchange opened back up this weekend and on monday we had some openings on saturday and some on monday. back in full swing here, so route 8 southbound and 77 northbound moving towards 76 westbound, wide open there. great news. all right. mentor to cleveland right now, your drive takes you 28 minutes, 56 if you drive from canton. elyria to cleveland looks like 27 for you and 19 minutes from strongsville. we have the west side commute coming up at 6:49. guys. >> brian: this controversial
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away. there are still plenty of questions out there about the future of downtown and public square, and now the part of superior avenue that's actually closed for buses. >> tia: that's right. today cleveland city council will discuss the decision to close it off to buses completely. sia nyorkor is live on public square this morning. what can you tell us, sia? >> sia: good morning, tia. good morning, brian. actually, check it out. right now there's a there. it just turned the corner. you can see those buses right there. they can't come through because this area is closed. they decided that about a month ago. this area was supposed to open up august 1st, but they decided -- the mayor decided to keep it closed. a lot of people have questions about this including several city council members who feel like the decision was made without any public input.
6:34 am
rerouted. they have to go around this square. some rta riders feel it's a hassle and it causes delays, while others feel that this space should be closed so that people can enjoy the square. so today at city council the transportation committee will hold a meeting at 9:00 a.m. to discuss this issue further, and then on saturday they will have a public rally right here on the square to discuss so you can look for those updates on air and online. for now, i'm getting answers on public square, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> tia: thank you so much. a huge announcement from metrohealth system. they want to completely makeover the campus on west 25th right in cleveland and make it into a state-of-the-art hospital. metrohealth's plan to transform the aging facility would cost $855 million. it wouldn't be complete until
6:35 am
have increased by 400%. >> brian: new numbers paint a frightening, sad picture of how bad the opiate and heroin addiction is in our area. ohio leads the nation in overdose deaths. the kaiser family foundation says whether it comes to percentage, ohio has the motor opiate deaths, synthetic opiate deaths and heroin deaths in the country. bill denehan about how serious this has become. >> it's frightening, and we got to stop and understand that this is the number one killer. >> brian: he went on to say people need to be constantly reminded not to use deadly drugs and to seek help immediately. we are doing what we can to help on there is a page dedicated to preventing and then stopping heroin and opiod use.
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and it's called spot the signs. >> tia: the people hurt in the attack at the ohio state university are all expected to be out of the hospital by the end of the week. >> brian: iraq veteran, current ohio state senior anderson payne is already home. he was trying to help car crash victims when she was slashed. >> i initially saw him. i thought he was angry because he wrecked his car. when i saw him swinging and the knife, i knew it was not just an accident. >> tia: that's the -- we're going to hear from the ohio state university marching band right there. the marching band played carmen ohio at the buckeye strong gathering last night right on campus. prominent university members spoke while others sang, held signs and showed their support for all of the victims. >> i just think it's important for like everyone like if you go to ohio state, we're all family. i know that everyone's family together. i feel like we should be here to
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support. >> tia: very true. guk you get live updates on our mobile news app. as soon as news brainings, we send it right to the smartphone. >> brian: today ohio congressman tim ryan will get his chance. his democratic colleagues vote today to keep current house minority rep nancy pelosi from california or elect ryan. he's been an ohio representative since president-elect donald trump is expected to announce more cabinet picks today as he continues to put together his administration. among them steven monday chun as treasure secretary and wilbur ross as commerce secretary. this development comes as trump announces a thank you tour that will begin tomorrow in ohio in cincinnati. >> tia: the biggest political push to clean up lake erie happened last night.
6:38 am
declare the western side of the impaired. in other words, too polluted to meet water quality standards. if the epa rules impairment, cleaning up the lake is a priority. we're getting an idea of the next new tenants down in the east bank of the flats. akron-based thirsty dog brewing company could headline two new businesses moving into where crop once was. dante's inferno could be the other one. a review committee will meet tomorrow to go over the plans. >> brian: cavs and bucks last night. did you see what j.r. smith did last night. take a look. the cavs guard got a little careless on defense. he wants to say hi -- see him in the upper left hand corner of the screen. he's hugging the dpie on the milwaukee bench and gave up an easy lay-up. this blew up on twitter, veng. after the game j.r. didn't have a whole lot to say about his defensive snoozer.
6:39 am
>> do you know they were inbound with the ball? >> what play are you talking about? >> in the first half. you ran off the court and hugged jason terry and snell got a lay-up because you were off the floor. >> brian: j.r. said he wasn't paying attention. he said he didn't know he was in the game. hopefully this is not a return to the old j.r. that can't happen. the cavs don't need that. they lost 118-101. you're right. we kind of disagree. yeah. thow she's giving sam a hug. isn't that nice? while we're in the middle -- >> tia: you can't do that. that's the bottom line. there's no excuses for that. >> brian: we disagree about it. it can happen, but i'm going to cut him a break this time. make sure it doesn't happen again. people are worried because this is what he used to do all the time. >> tia: he didn't know he was in the game? okay. >> brian: that's what he is. he was way down at the other
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something? i don't know. >> tia: maybe he couldn't see. maybe he had that crazy thing on his face. i don't know. it's 6:40 now. we've been lucky with gas prices the next custom of years, but a new deal could change that. >> brian: we're talking with experts and getting answers how to protect your family from what they call the silent killer. sam. >> samantha: time is 6:40, and i have a little weather update for you. i'm actually going to scale back on the rain chances today. this is new model data came into the weather office. you can see that the showers in the southern end of the viewing area are gradually lifting off towards the east and northeast. they're trying to move out of here. i'm not totally taking the rain chance out, though. we go more in depth after the break >> tia: breaking news from the west side. police are looking for this man.
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>> nichole: we have breaking news. cleveland police asking for the public's help to find two suspects that robbed a local gas station at gunpoint this week. these are pictures we received
6:44 am
gun at the clerk. this is at the sunoco on broadview road. that clerk was luckily not hurt. police say the suspects got away with cash and cigarettes. call cleveland police if you have any information about this crime or about those suspects you see on your screen. pop francis paid trip but this mornings to member of a soccer team killed out of clutch ya. they had their best season in 43 years. vigils were held overnight in brazil. the community there just devastated. 81 people were on board the plane whether it crashed. five people survived. three of those survivors were members of the soccer team. an electrical malfunction is thought to be the cause. a cirque du soleil show in san francisco last night was canceled after a show technician was killed. the person apparently was hit by a lift. investigators trying to figure out what happened. >> tia: oil is the big focus on
6:45 am
vienna. the question is will they reach a deal to cut oil production by a million barrels day. everyone wants answers on of that. ian oversupply dropped prices over the past two years. paypal says it processed as much as $25,000 -- hopefully we have that video -- per second in online payments on cyber monday. that's a lot of cash. the website crashed. breached. cyber security isn't the only concern. we want to keep your family safe for what the experts call the silent killer. >> brian: that's right. cleveland 19's denise zarrella getting answers on the best ways to protect yourselves because you can't become a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning. denise. >> denise: you don't want to. 200 people die every year in the u.s. from carbon monoxide poisoning. that's the statistics. several workers in elyria got
6:46 am
working in in the nick of time. the fire captain said a simple carbon monoxide detector could save your life. what happened last week is a good example of why everyone needs to be aware of the colorless, odorless gas they can't see. if symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning aren't caught early, the result is deadly. luckily employees here reported symptoms of co poisoning which are headaches, dizziness and nausea. everyone here got out safe. at home it's important to have carbon monoxide detectors. the elyria fire department captain gave us his advice. >> we found the plug-in models they tend to do better. the first generation of the carbon monoxide detectors, most of those have been phased out. they were really sensitive and they grabbed onto the carbon monoxide and always went into like a faulty alarm mode. there's a lot of new units out
6:47 am
hardware store. >> denise: safety experts recommend you have two detectors just in case one doesn't work. tia, duff. >> brian: all right. thanks so much, denise. it's a waiting game for the buckeyes and their very anxious fans. right now they have the number two spot in the college football playoff rankings. top four move on to the playoffs. this weekend penn state plays wisconsin in the big ten championship game. ohio state andhi the game. regardless, it looks like the buckeyes will be right back in the college football playoffs, second time in three years. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, brian. it is 6:47 on this wednesday morning. we are halfway to the weekend, but it is warm out there right now. average morning lows this time of the year are down in the 30s, but it's been quite warm the last several mornings. you can see we're at 59, and we have a south wind so that equates to warmer weather typically.
6:48 am
i think we eventually will be in the 60s and some were in the 60s early this morning. 6:48 on this wednesday, and you can see that will have rain for you in the eastern end of the viewing area. this is out towards southern trumbull county and youngstown down to dover and dmu philly. we have rain. it's about to end for you. you shouldn't have much longer before this rain moves out to the west and north absolutely nothing happening. so i'm kind of scaling back if you've been watching all morning, i've been going with scattered showers. i think we call them hit-or-miss for today. i don't think everyone will see rain, but the issue and it's a tricky forecast is that we've got this area of low pressure lifting over the northern lakes today, and that's going to drag a cold front through the area later on. right now it's to our west, but with that feature in the area, i can't totally rule out rain. it is moving east, so again, a
6:49 am
especially to the south are going to get some good rain from this. jong we're going to see a ton of rain. so just kind of hit-or-miss showers throughout the day. temperature-wise, we hit 61 this afternoon, but we spend most of the day in the 50s. so jacketworthy, you don't need the big, puffy parka today. you may need it tomorrow, though. tonight's forecast, any rain hanging around this evening should be gone by 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. that's the window whether i get it to m then we're mostly cloudy with temperatures eventually falling into the upper 30s. it's going to be colder tomorrow morning than what we've had this morning and what we had yesterday morning. tomorrow is the first day of december, and, of course, that is when things turn cold again. 43 with windy conditions and a little rain chance tomorrow, too. we'll also have lake-effect rainshowers on friday, but it may be cold enough that some of that could mix with some snow.
6:50 am
not everyone will see it. this is mainly a snowbelt thing, and then a cold rain on sunday. that is not going to be the pick day of the weekend, because it will be chilly and late in the day rain will be moving in. laura. >> laura: okay. when we got that weather like that, be careful out there on the roads. this morning, though, i don't see any concerns for you not in that department at least. we are moving really well. we have slowing beginning on 480 and it's almost rush hour. nothing maj miles per hour along 480 passing over broadway eastbound. as for the west side, i-90 looks really, really good. be aware of this, if you come to 490 westbound away from the city, i heard word of a disabled vehicle near where 71, 490 and 90 all come together on 90. watch out for that away from the city right now headed towards the west side suburbs. 71 up and down looking perfect through linndale and brooklyn. we have a water main break on the east side.
6:51 am
64th with crews on the scene there. drive times are all perfect as we move into rush hour. guys. >> tia: time is 6:51. a deadly storm moved through the south. they moved through overnight. we get answers on the hardest-hit areas this morning. >> brian: topping the stories you need to know before you go, the bus battle on public square is back and resumes today.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk. cleveland police sent a surveillance picture of an armed robbery that they want us to show you. the suspects in this robbery dressed in black. the man in one of the pictures pointing a gun at the clerk at the sunoco on broadview road. that clerk was not hurt. the suspects got away with cash and cigarettes. they want you to call them if you have any information on this crime or those >> tia: want battle over the buses in public square tops our look at the stop stories that you need to know before you go. sia. >> sia: hiem here on public square where buses are still not allowed to drive through. a committee meeting is held today to discussion what options the city may have, and a rally will be held on saturday to give people a chance to explain why it's important for the rta buses to be allowed to drive through rather than around. >> brian: thanks. for the first time since going on strike november 2nd, teachers
6:55 am
lewisville school district this morning. a new deal is not in place yet, but teachers hope that getting back to work today may spark new contract talks. there wasn't time to think or react or do anything besides just get away from the individual. >> denise: i'm denise zarrella. about 200 people d in the u.s. from carbon monoxide poisoning, and experts urge everyone to pick up a co detector before the weather gets really cold and your furnace works overtime. brian. >> brian: all right. three people died when a line of storms and possible tornadoes moved across northern alabama overnight. in fact, the winds were so strong in miss mississippi it tipped over a semi. they're cleaning up in louisiana, too, this morning, sam. >> samantha: the same front
6:56 am
showers today. i'm lowering the rain chance, but it's not zero. i would have the umbrella on stand by in case. it will be very mild today in the low 60s. december begins tomorrow, and look at that. low 40s on thursday. chilly. >> brian: not nice. the cavs' j.r. smith will take heat for this. look in the upper left corner of your screen. he's saying hello to an old pal on the milwaukee bench and f forgot he was supposed to play defense and ge lay-up in the cavs loss. time to wake up, j.r. >> samantha: whatever happened to you in "the office" where am i? >> tia: not with a million dollar contract. >> laura: you're office in a big basketball court. >> tia: i'm just saying. >> brian: stuff happens.
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 30th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a possible tornado kills three people as powerful storms rock alabama and d wildfires tear through tourist town, destroying homes and businesses near the great smoky mountains. >> president-elect trump hits the down with former rival mitt romney as speculation swirls about a secretary of state announcement. plus, we are in indianapolis where air-conditioning giant carrier says it's reached a deal with mr. trump to keep 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico. and we continue our "issues that matter" series.


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